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Date: July 2018

Ref: Newsletter #1

Alright, here it is, my first attempt at a newsletter to let you know what we have been up to

over the last month or so.

Priced some A/B PLC parts which were obsolete from NHP but still obtainable within

1-2 weeks from other sources. These were 1756-L62 and 1203-FM1. These have not been purchased by my customer as yet but they have the comfort of knowing they are still obtainable, at least at the time of pricing!

Two instances of hard to get fuses.

First was an OEZ fuse which in 25 years I had never heard of. They were a semiconductor fuse and there was no direct replacement. These came from the Czech Republic and should have taken a week but ended up taking around 10 days. They did end up being around $110 each after freight, customs, bank charges etc but in this case the customer doesn’t have an onsite electrician. They could have got their contractors in to change the holder and put a more readily available fuse in but the end cost of doing this would have been a lot more.

Second was another semiconductor fuse, LPJ-200SP. These are easier to find up to 125A but the picture I had sent through from my customer was for 200A. I sourced these from Australia and they should have been overnight but NZ customs decided to have a look and so they were delayed another day. In the meantime my customer discovered they did only require 125A fuses and not 200A. Even though the 200A versions were nonreturnable the customer wasn’t too concerned as, because they had sent me a picture of a 200A fuse box, then they must have these floating around on their site somewhere. 125A were delivered the next day.

Generally with most of the product I source from overseas I say 1-2 weeks. This is because of the day of the week it gets ordered. If I can pay for it by Thursday or Friday then a lot of the time it gets shipped before the weekend whereas if I pay earlier in the week then the weekend can work against us in terms of delivery times. Worst time to get a payment away would be Friday afternoon our time as an electronic payment normally won’t show until the next day and then we are into the overseas weekend.

Please just send me an email if you have any type of question or inquiry or if you do not wish to receive these newsletters. I suspect they will only be sent every 1-2 months, time and enthusiasm permitting, but it is not my intention to hound people so feel free to unsubscribe. You will have to email me though as my IT skills are a bit limited when it comes to actually putting in an “unsubscribe” link.

Regards, Dave

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